The Acoustic Universe

when mineral rich groundwater permeates organic materials and fills the empty spaces, a fossil is formed — Oscar Schmidt Menzenhaurer Autoharp

separation of pieces of an organism caused by natural events (i.e. floods, scavengers etc.) — antique bowl back mandolin

as the organism decays and the bones are no longer held together by the flesh — original Stradivarius Violin (C. 1726)

Post-reef pre-incanted post-laughter pre-blue-fin-streak-near the fissure — clay, plaster, plastic

when u give the body to the house so the house can protect the corpse from the tomb — rubber on wall

3/4 Rise-set — neon

Glyph — neon

Staging an organism:processor (atoms are not atoms)(higher tensile strength than steel) — assorted found objects